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I have gained wisdom, strength of character, integrity, empathy, and the value of giving by my parents’ example. Unfortunately, my father passed away very suddenly at the age of 45, when I was just 16. It was less than three weeks from the day he discovered a few black and blue marks on his arms to the day he died of acute leukemia. In this short time, we never had a chance to talk about the future, although I feel his guidance through my conscience and in the wisdom of others, including my mother.

It is interesting how the experiences of childhood, both good and bad, mold the path we follow as adults. My dad did not have much life insurance, or any established relationships with trusted advisors. When he died, my mother was lost financially. She was given very poor financial advice and the small amount of life insurance proceeds was lost in an unsuitable and inappropriate investment. My family’s misfortune defined my passion. It was through this unfortunate situation that I became empowered. My mission has remained intact for over 30 years as I decided this would never happen to my family or anyone who entrusted me with their important financial decisions.

Due to our significant financial crisis I became eligible for an Evans Scholarship. In the early 1930’s, Chick Evans became a nationally ranked golfer and started a college scholarship program with his earnings instead of turning pro. This scholarship has now grown to the largest privately funded scholarship in the country. There are over 800 students currently benefiting from it as well as over 9,000 alumni. His vision and generosity has been an inspiration to me.

With that in mind, I started Bramson and Associates, LLC. This company is founded with the following mission:

First, I wanted to honor my family. Before he passed away, my dad started an advertising company named ... Bramson and Associates. Now, I can carry the name on and his vision of helping people. In addition, I can involve my family in the business as he intended to do with me.

Second, I want to bring significant value in the form of ...
   • entertaining and informative seminars, workshops and keynotes.
   • books and resources that provide valuable wisdom.
   • an efficient, useful website that includes links to sites that are important and valuable.
   • an opportunity to work with financial advisors and financial organizations to build their businesses.

Third, I want to promote the spirit of generously “giving something back.” Hopefully, Bramson and Associates, LLC can model the vision that Chick Evans started over seventy years ago.

I’d like to share a proverb containing some valuable wisdom and insight:

He (or She!) who knows, and knows he knows, is wise;
Follow him (her).
He who knows, but knows not that he knows, is asleep;
Awaken him.
He who knows not, and knows he does not know, is simple;
Teach him.
He who knows not, but does not know that he knows not, is dangerous;
Avoid him.

I believe it’s our mission in life to listen to and learn from, or follow those who fall into the first category. It is also our mission to take our unique gifts and make them available to those who are asleep or simple by awakening and teaching them. Also, time is too precious to spend with those who are dangerous, so avoid and minimize the amount of time you spend with people who fall into this category, and your enjoyment of life will multiply. We all have unique gifts and abilities and to the extent that our lives overlap and intertwine, we can all grow together carrying out our unique visions.

It is my hope that the resources of Bramson & Associates, LLC will educate and help you to achieve all of your personal and financial goals.

I am very honored to be chosen for Golf Digest's monthly column "Golf Saved My Life". They featured me and my story in their December 2011 issue. Click here to read the article.

~ Todd D. Bramson, President


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