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The following are some of the tools and resources that I have developed for financial service professional and financial service organizations to grow their practices.

Todd D. Bramson
Todd D. Bramson

- Keynote Speaker
- Consulting Services
- Mentoring Programs
- Presentations & Workshops
- Inner Circle Mentoring

All of the above services are available. The cost depends on your needs, Todd's schedule and availability, and the extent of the time commitment, travel requirements and budget. Submit a brief description of what you and your organization need by clicking here.

Consulting / Speaking Fee: Starting at $1000.00

Real Life Marketing

Real Life Marketing & Practice Management Training Course

This DVD course has over seven hours of content organized into 12 separate modules. This is likely to be one of the best investments you can make if you are serious about growing your business.

Additional benefits for each person who complete the training course:
- One year subscription to associates only password protected site.
- Teleseminars
- Subscription to "The Bramson Report", Todd's regular e-newsletter
- Use of templates, documents, and other helpful marketing and practice management concepts and ideas.
- Talking points ... Todd’s innovative audio commentary.
- Discounted pricing on books and information products.
- Eligible to become a contributing author in an upcoming case study book. You gain instant credibility as a published author!

Individual License
This license includes the 100 page workbook and a copy of Todd's Real Life Financial Planning book. This also includes all of the additional benefits listed above.

Tuition: Only $495.00

Partnership/Small Office License
This license includes the workbooks and materials for four advisors to take the course and become associates, becoming eligible for all the benefits available to the individual license above.

Tuition: $995.00 (Only $248.75 per person)

Corporate License for Multiple Users and/or Sites
This license includes 15 numbered workbooks allowing up to 15 advisors to become Associates of Bramson & Associates which includes a calendar year subscription for each of the 15 advisors who complete the course.

Tuition: $2.495.00 (Only $166.33 per person)

Additional Individually Numbered Workbooks
Used for completing the training course above. (This includes a copy of Todd's Real Life Financial Planning book and calendar year subscription to the Associate's Only area of this website.) This is available on an unlimited basis at the prices below to a registered owner of the DVD training series only.

Price: $150 each

Quantity Discount:

Real Life Financial Planning

There is an abundance of information on financial planning – tips on general investment strategies, methods for portfolio diversification – but these don't always incorporate sound, experience–related, applicable advice.Todd has found the wisdom in all the information.

In the 5th Edition of Real Life Financial Planning CFP Todd Bramson strives to impart the knowledge he has gained from 26 years working directly with individuals, customizing their financial plans and addressing their specific questions. Use this book to help you grow your financial planning practice.

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Real Life Financial Planning for the New Physician

The 3rd Edition of Real Life Financial Planning for Physicians should be required reading for every physician. It summarizes physicians’ unique financial needs in manageable and easy-to-implement strategies and explains how to manage your complex financial life—from training through residency and beyond. You will learn the vital components of a financial plan that is tailored to your unique situation, which can decrease worry and stress. There is an amazing amount of practical advice packed into this book based on the wisdom gained from more than 20,000 individual meetings that the authors have had with their clients.

Price: $17.00

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Real Life Financial Planning for the Young Dental Professional

After the success of my first book, Real Life Financial Planning, I again teamed up with Marshall Gifford to write a new version specifically for young dental professionals. This is a valuable book for any dental professional who is looking to educate himself/herself about personal financial planning.

Price: $17.00

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Memoiry Journal

The Memoiry Journal will guide your writing through insightful questions and organization. You will be encouraged and inspired to remember, record, and write your top 100 Memoiries. Your "Bucket List" is the top 100 things you want to do before you die...Your Memoiry Journal is the recording of the top 100 experiences you have had already. will be motivated to create more as you embark on this refreshing, life-changing, journaling and sharing experience. This is simply a beautiful method to communicate and pass along valuable memories and wisdom.

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