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"My practice started right after college with a focus on providing financial education to resident physicians. I did my research to further dive into the resources available for younger doctors and came across Todd's book: Real Life Planning for the Young Physician. This books speaks volumes about the lack of training and education needed to prudently prepare for all the financial decisions physicians are faced with. There just isn't enough time, willingness or sometimes ability for busy doctors to put together a sound and well-thought-out financial plan. This book delivers and serves as a fantastic reference for all the topics discussed in a true plan, not to mention a backbone to building long-lasting relationships with new clients."
David P. Minarcik, Financial Advisor, Legacy Planning Partners

“I thoroughly enjoyed Todd sharing his journey to Augusta National at our annual NAIFA Madison meeting. His message was extremely fresh, entertaining and encouraging. Todd reminded me the importance of setting goals and that our goals and dreams can be achieved if we're persistent and keep a watchful eye for opportunity. I'm very pleased with the turnout we had despite the poor weather. We actually had more people show than had reserved, despite some last minute cancellations. We're so lucky to have someone of Todd's caliber in our local association.”
Tim Mahaffey, CLU, CEBS, NAIFA Madison President 2010-2011

“Todd Bramson has a unique stage presence. He gently and effectively brings an audience to focus on the crucial elements of achievement in business. The first thing you feel is his integrity. Then sincerity and humility. He transforms an audience. More than causing people to think, he causes people to change. I will definitely bring Todd back to be a speaker in the future.”
Kevin Hogan, Author of The Science of Influence

“Todd was always very prepared with topics of interest to our viewers. He always made his presentations visual as well as easy to understand for the average person. Feedback from our audience was very positive since Todd joined us at a time when financial news was seldom presented on TV. At a new network now, I will continue to tap into Todd as a resource for important information for our viewers.”
Pam Tauscher, News Anchor, Madison, WI

“Todd has been an annual presenter at our North Star meetings and has consistently received the highest ratings from our 200 associates. His preparation, message, material, and delivery put him in the company of professional presenters.”
Phillip C. Richards, CFP, CLU, RHU
Chairman & CEO North Star Resource Group
Past President GAMA International
Past Chairman, MN-ND Better Business Bureau

“If you want to grow your practice, work a few less hours per week and have a little more fun doing it, then you should listen to what Todd Bramson has to say.”
Dick Koob, CLU ChFC, AEP, NAIFA Past President 2002-2003

“Todd Bramson is an authentic and powerful speaker. He communicates techniques, skills and attitudes that will lead to Zoned in Performance.”
Donald MacNaughton, Performance Coach, Inverness, Scotland

"What makes Todd different from other financial professionals is his passion for finding creative ways to add more value through his books (Real Life Financial Planning series), DVD s (Real Life Marketing and Practice Management series), articles, and speaking engagements. Todd has spoken to firms throughout the industry to help their advisors with Practice Management and Marketing. He strives for perfection in running his practice, partnering with clients, mentoring advisors, and of course golf. I would recommend Todd wholeheartedly!"
Michael Goldberg, Building Blocks Consulting

"Todd has been a revolutionary resource for the development of my practice. It was a privilege to co-author a book with Todd, and the experience will come in handy as future developments evolve within my business. Without Todd, it would have taken me 10-20 years before I would have been involved in publishing a book. Most importantly, the experience and time I have spent with Todd has had a direct impact on my clients. My clients and their family members have been extremely appreciative for the various financial problems we have helped them solve. Without the time and energy Todd has invested in me and my practice, this would not have been possible."
Brian W. Lahr, Financial Advisor

"On behalf of the members of the Fox River Valley Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding presentation at our "Taste of MDRT" meeting last Friday. I found it to be very motivational and inspirational, and our membership benefited greatly from hearing you speak. I am sure you could tell by the response at the conclusion of your presentation that you were extremely well received by the audience."
Scott D. Scheer, President Elect, NAIFA-WI-Fox River Valley

"I have known Todd since 1979 and have seen him apply the highest integrity and hard work for others to help others improve their lives. Whether its his clients, friends or other advisors, he constantly gives of his own experiences to build others up. One of the areas Todd has encouraged me the most in is in my marketing and planning efforts for the lawyers I serve. His many hours of sharing has propelled me to go deeper in my efforts through articles, interviews, seminars and even a book that he helped me to publish. He has helped me to build the momentum to build my brand and attract and retain more quality clients."
Thomas A. Haunty, CFP, RHU, REBC, ChFC, Senior Partner, North Star Finacial Group

"Todd and I together wrote Real Life Financial Planning for the High Income Specialist. It was a very difficult, time consuming and at times, frustrating process as writing such a book is hard work! Todd was very patient throughout the process and helped keep things simple and on point. I relied very heavily on his experience in the financial planning field, but also his experience as an established author. The end result is a very comprehensive, easy to read book that has served as an exceptional educational tool for all of our medical specialist clients. I can say that without Todd, this would not have been possible." 
David J. Johnson, CLU, ChFC

"I have worked with Todd as co-author of Real Life Financial Planning for both Physicians and Dentists. Todd is entertaining, funny and has a knack for making complex topics interesting. He has been a trendsetter in the financial services industry for the past 25 years and I expect nothing but the same over the next 25 years."
Marshall W. Gifford, CLU, ChFC

“Todd has a genuinely real life, honest approach to his presentations. They are filled with practical information that any advisor can use. He also includes a great sense of humor which kept me listening and glad I attended.”
Diane Yohn, Vice President, North Star Resource Group

“Todd is an outstanding communicator and motivator; he is lively, enthusiastic, and captures the audience’s attention. Todd also conveys complex information in a conversational, easy-to-digest style that is a delight to listen to.”
Leslie Kane, Medical Economics Magazine

"I enjoyed Todd Bramson's presentation very much. Starting with some personal examples was a very good method to get our complete attention. His presentation was appropriate for everyone in the audience, whether new in the business or a seasoned veteran.His fill in the blanks as part of the presentation kept the audience involved. I would definitely recommend him as a speaker."
Don Schleicher, Schleicher & Company: Lifetime Retirement Planning
NAIFA-Wisconsin-Fox River Valley

"Since I began working with Todd, my practice has excelled to a level that I couldn't have imagined possible before meeting him. This is largely due to one thing ... Todd is a true mentor in every sense of the word. The time that he has put into helping me grow my practice will pay priceless dividends in ways that will benefit me as a professional and as a person."
Michael F. Merrill, Financial Advisor
Portland, OR

“Without question your presentations are meaningful, relevant and extremely entertaining. You present useable information in a way that is easy and enjoyable to receive and, more importantly, you tailor the message in a way that allows practitioners to take away ideas and strategies that they can implement right away.”
David Vasos, CFO, COO
President, North Star Resource Group

“Thank you for the great ideas in your workshop. You are a wealth of financial information. I am looking forward to reading your book.”
Ken Owens, Las Vegas NV

"Thank you for coming to St. Paul to share your time and perspectives with the advisors who attended the Foundation School. Learning from the successes and failures of advisors who have been there before is of great value, helping them climb the learning curve more nimbly."
Jeff Landt, CFA, CFP

"Todd really opened my eyes to the impact that focused marketing can have on a specific market.  For years I had not focused on any particular type of client. Todd helped me develop specific strategies to really penetrate the market I wanted to work with.  Todd has an amazing ability to look at a specific market and develop sound, practical strategies to build credibility and increase sales."  
Richard D. Hanzlik

"I've known Todd since 2005 and my practice has not been the same since. I learned more in my first two days with Todd than I did in my entire first year before meeting Todd. My production has gone up 250% in the year since working with Todd and that is the tip of the iceberg."
Anders T. Ramstad, Financial Advisor
Portland, OR

“Thanks Todd! Inspiring and full of great ideas that I can implement.”
Rolando Cuadrado, San Antonio, TX

“Everyone knows that relationships are the key to building business. Thanks to Todd, I know how to build more healthy relationships.”
Wesley N Chee, California

“Thank you Todd for presenting to us today, it was very helpful. (Even at 7:45 am, and on a Saturday!)”
Brooke Fisher, New Dimensions Financial
Lafayette, IN

"I had the pleasure of hearing Todd at the NAIFA "Taste of MDRT" in Appleton Wisconsin on November 4th, 2005. As a fellow public speaker, I know how important it is to immediately connect with your audience; Todd came "right out of the gate" and grabbed and transported them to new heights! His love for the industry came through and his concepts were extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Todd to speak at your next meeting."
Kevin J. Murphey

"Serving as Managing Partner I have often asked Todd to speak at firm meetings for one simple reason---Todd delivers! Whether it is a group of new advisors or some of our 20 year advisors, Todd's information is always informative, cutting edge, and transferable. I have seen Todd present at least 20 times in my career and every single time I walk away motivated, inspired, educated and ready to implement the concepts Todd shared.
      I have been very fortunate to serve on many industry committees and boards. These positions have allowed me to attend many of the the top conferences in the financial services industry. They have also allowed me to build these meetings and select the speakers and talent to present at these world class meetings. I share this to give perspective about my comments regarding Todd's abilities. Few people possess the skill and talent he does.
      What I appreciate, respect and admire even more about Todd's speaking/presentation abilities is who he is as a person. Todd has unwavering character and integrity and will always do the right thing. His work ethic is second to none. He is a true role model for all."
Edward Deutschlander CLU , CLF
CEO Elect, North Star Resource Group

"Todd Bramson has been an influential mentor for my personal and professional growth in the financial services business.  Working with Todd is always a treat and I jump at every chance."
Brad K. North, CFP

"I have had the pleasure of both being mentored by and working with Todd Bramson for the last two years. His motivation to grow his own practice has been contagious. The method in which he helps advisors define their long term goals and the manner in which he is able to lay out the techniques to implement them has been the most impressive aspect of our relationship. With emphasis on making my practice rewarding, my education, passion, client-driven practices and marketing positioning has increased tremendously over the past two years. Our work, while writing a book together, further demonstrated how his ability to think "bigger" can further advance every advisor's career. I personally thank Todd for all his help and encouragement. Without both, my practice would be in a much different state."
Jesse Karich

"Todd Bramson has been the single biggest influence in my professional career not only as a supervisor but also an exceptional mentor, business partner and friend. I began my relationship with Todd as an intern in his financial planning practice and the relationship has grown to where we are now business partners. I consider myself far ahead of the game with all of the guidance I have had with his knowledge pertaining to the financial advising field. Todd has taught me from square one, and has never steered me wrong. Overall, I could not be more thankful that he has taken me under his wing and nurtured me as a financial professional in ways I could not have imagined. Todd Bramson is truly a class act."
Jon Ylinen

“I have had the honor of working with Todd for one year now. Todd graciously partnered up with me in order to help me take my business to the next level. At the beginning of this first year, I set a goal for myself that deep down, I really didn’t even believe I would be able to achieve. At the end of the year, I exceeded that goal by 30%. This was in large part due to Todd’s coaching and mentoring. He has shown me various techniques that have allowed my business to grow bigger than I ever thought it would in a year. Todd truly is a servant leader to North Star, as well as all the advisors he coaches and mentors.”
Jeff Turton, Financial Representative
North Star Resource Group


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